About us


1. CEO Message

Sovargen is a biotechnology company founded by the faculty of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology or KAIST, based on the novel research performance and achievements of Professor Jeong Ho Lee, who is a prominent leader in the field of neuroscience in rare developmental brain disorders. And his research opens up a potential opportunity to unravel the tangles of genomic variation that caused of epilepsy, brain tumor, and Alzheimer's, and others.

Together with Dr. Adrian Krainer, who has contributed to the development of Spinraza, the world's first ASO treatment for the spinal muscular atrophy, or SMA, Professor Lee was awarded the honor of Early-Career Scientist Winner from the 3rd Innovators in Science Award sponsored by The New York Academy of Sciences or NYAS, of the United States in 2020. Moreover, in 2019, Professor Lee was appointed as the head of National Research Leadership in the field of neurological brain disorders based on his domestic and international recognition and commendation.

Sovargen has a robust animal testing lab in tandem with competent R&D scientists and drug development teams that dedicated their passion to deliver safer and more effective medicines for every patient with incurable brain diseases. And we aspire to give life-changing treatments by continue seeking opportunities for open collaboration partnerships with global research institutions and biopharmaceutical companies.

Sovargen cares about the patients, employees, and partners by giving them an equal, fair, and diverse opportunity for a better future and values of life. We are happy to make a promise to you that we will do our best to grow into a world-leading biopharmaceutical company sooner and make the world better.

2. Mission

Providing New Solutions that Change Patients' Lives

3. Vision

Global Leader in Breakthrough Disease-Modifying RNA Therapeutics for Incurable Disorders

Core Values
도전 자기혁신 집단지성 도전 자기혁신 집단지성

4. CI

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Horizontal shape of the signature is a basic usage of Sovargen's logo.
Symbol and lettermark can be used independently depending on the application subject or product.

Notes on using the logo

  • Discretionary changing the shape or applying other color to the signature is strictly prohibited.
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  • BT Kim President & CEO
    • CEO, Seoul Tourism Marketing
    • Senior Advisor, Bio-Leaders
    • CEO, BT&I (Currently SM C&C)
    • MS in Microbiology,
      Sungkyunkwan Univ.
  • Cheolwon Park President & CEO
    • COO, KoBioLabs
    • Head of BD & Portfolio, Alvogen APAC
      Head of R&D, Alvogen Korea
    • Team Leader, BD, CJ Cheiljedang
    • Business strategy team, LG Life Science
    • Ph.D in Social pharmacy, Dongguk Univ.
    • MS in medical chemistry, Seoul National Univ.
    • BS in Pharmacy, Seoul National Univ.
  • Jeong Ho Lee Vice President & CSO
    • KAIST Endowed Chair Professor
    • Director, Center for Brain Somatic
    • Postdoc Fellow, UC San Diego /
      HHMI Neurogenetics Lab
    • Ph.D in Neuropharmacology,
      College of Medicine, Yonsei Univ.
    • MD, College of Medicine,
      Yonsei Univ.
  • SungJi Kim CTO
    • Head of Development Division, KoBioLabs
    • Head of BD, Alvogen Korea
    • Business strategy team, CJ CheilJedang
    • Strategic alliance team, LG Life Science
    • MS in Medical chemistry, Seoul National Univ.
    • BS in Pharmacy, Seoul National Univ.
  • Eric J. Maeng Head of Corporate Development
    • Team Leader, Project Leader Team,
      GC Pharma
    • Ph.D in Neurobiology, Texas A&M Univ.
    • MS in Molecular Biology, Seoul National Univ.
    • BS in Life Sciences, Seoul National Univ.
  • Yunhee Choi Head of Strategic Development
    • Team Leader, Development Planning Team, Daewoong Pharm
    • PM, Bio-Business Team, LG Life Sciences
    • MS in Pharmacy, Seoul National Univ.
    • BS in Pharmacy, Seoul National Univ.