Core Technology

Research Area

  • Sovargen focuses on the research and the development of innovative new drugs based on precision medicine especially in the field of neurological diseases with high medical unmet needs.
  • Intractable Brain Diseases

    Sovargen's science originated from discovering how somatic mutations arising from neural stem cells during devlopment or over aging cause intractable brain disorders.

  • Precision Medicine

    Sovargen’s research of Precision Medicine will provide the patient-specific solution which has been developed from years of genomic research specifically using actual patients’ brain tissues.

  • RNA Therapeutics

    Sovargen will do our best to develop the treatments for rare neurological diseases whose progress has faced numerous challenges via the research and development of RNA therapeutics such as anti-sense oligo, siRNA, and mRNA.

Advanced Technology

Sovargen awakening a new paradigm of precision medicine development
powered by our novel science and technology which gives its ability to
overcome the historical challenges of neurological diseases.

  • Research competencies

    Sovargen’s core strength derives from its accessibility to the patients’ brain tissues with various neurological diseases. With such competencies, Sovargen can reveal the precise biological mechanism and the therapeutic target in a given diseases.

  • Uniqueness

    The next-generation sequencing technology or NGS developed and patented by Sovargen, increases the level of detection of mutant variation up to approximately 99% when somatic mutations occur at low frequency (0.5% or less). With such uniqueness of technology, we take the possibility of developing the customized treatments for patients to the next level.

  • Animal model

    Sovargen can produce disease-specific animal models with patented gene-editing technology which could accelerate early investigation and discovery study much faster and conduct the in vivo efficacy and proof-of-concept (PoC) test more efficiently.